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Please test in the "test" group - mozilla.test ... thanks.

He is *not* testing ... just trying to annoy people.

this is a recurrent problem with Jim from down-under. He done it many,
many times in the past.

In defense of us others "down-under", we are not all think!!

Is this be a case where TPTB should be removing posts?? After all, jim
has been told several times, by several members of the community, to
take his posts to m.test!!


I don't know. Jim is a likable sort, and he is no troll, but this is starting to get silly.


...but is Jim "a likable sort"?? If he has been here a long time, I suspect he would be aware that test posts should go to the m.test group, rather than posting (pick a number) of test messages here??


yes, he's been year for a while, but he still posts test messages in the support groups, and he does the same thing in the secnews group.

followup set to mozilla.general incase one of the so-called moderators complain

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