Keith Whaley wrote:
Phillip Jones, C.E.T. wrote:
Before anyone starts.

I am asking a question. I've quit giving support for Mac SeaMonkey.

Sorry to hear that, Phillip.

Because I've told one too many time to shove it, Mac support is unwelcome nor desired.

By whom? No, seriously! What sort of retard comes right out and opines such a thing? If you're REALLY leaving, you might consider naming names...
I'd like to know which ones to add to my plonk list...
You mean, the Mac side has never stood up and supported you when that happens?
That's absolutely unconscionable!


Ah well... I've heard the PC people are snobbish boors, but didn't want to believe it.
I've known some wonderful people who are...I mean USE PCs. Seems a bit odd!

I'll really be sorry to have you go.
But, if no-one will assist you, what's a person to do?

keith whaley

Oh, Phillip has been told many times that Mac support is welcome. By myself, Lee, Jay, Nir, Q, Chris and others. He simply refuses to acknowledge it.
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