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1. Ubuntu 8.10 to networked 8.04 w/usb attached Canon MP750.
2. Ubuntu 8.04 to networked 8.10 w/usb attached Canon MP750.
3. Ubuntu 8.04 to wireless 8.04 w/usb attached Canon MP750.
But the printer is on a router printer : <>

The test would be nearer to my configuration by printing on the network. I should also test by cups on the network with a live CD. I will also test with XP Home and with this netgear.

Not sure why... all of my networked connections go via a linkys BEFVP41.
And the wireless goes to both the BEFVP41 and a Netgear WGR614. I also
occasionally print to a Brother printer that is connected only via an
ethernet port (access both via wired and wireless routers).

Do any of your other applications print via your FWG114P?

In my situation, my printer is using cups:

Description: Epson WorkForce 600
Device URL: usb://EPSON/WorkForce%20600
Make and Model: Epson LITE, Photo Image Print...

I've provided a ppd file: eklite.ppd.

Printing test pages via gnome's "Printer Properties" display works. Printing a So far, the only printing
problem I had was via Seamonkey 2.0alpha on Fedora Core 9.

OK, just found another app with printing problems: evince. So presumably something is wrong with my set up; I have no idea what could be wrong nor how to find it. It was hard enough just to find a combination
to get printing to work, period.

BTW, after a reboot, Seamonkey 2.0alpha finally went away and I had Seamonkey 1.1.14 back, so apparently Seamonkey 2.0alpha was cached. Is there a better way to clear the cache than
to reboot?

Chip Campbell

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