NoOp a tapoté, le 14.03.2009 01:57:
Not sure why... all of my networked connections go via a linkys BEFVP41.
And the wireless goes to both the BEFVP41 and a Netgear WGR614. I also
occasionally print to a Brother printer that is connected only via an
ethernet port (access both via wired and wireless routers).

Do any of your other applications print via your FWG114P?

I remember a little thing, on this PC I don't use gnome but lxde (it's an 9 year PC)!

But there may some gnome librairies who are used!

eVince work fine but it may use also gnome libraries...

There's Ubuntu distributions lxde based but I don't want to break this pc before installing Ubuntu 9.04 (I will try to go back to Gnome).

Sorry for my bad English.
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