Robert Kaiser wrote:
mail2news wrote:
SM 2.x is not compatible with old Windows versions (Windows 9x, Me, NT)
ou with old computer but there are many and many offices and
professionnal computers that use it...

I don't see why a computer with an old, outdated, and insecure operating system needs security updates for its browser for much longer.

That said, the code will still be out there, we will just not be issuing new compiled and tested releases for it, mainly because our team is too small to build and test old code for a long time next to the new one.

Apart from that, the machines building 1.1.x are old computers that are loud and consume a good amount of energy (esp. the Windows one) and I'll celebrate the day when I can switch off those old things sitting in my basement.

I've got to ask. So if it was September you'd be more inclined to keep the 
updates running till next June? GDRFC

Who has comfort issues in his basement office during the summer. :)
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