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Well, maybe not stolen but IE8 has forced its logo
on all the URL links in my computer.  Now SM 1.14 is
the "default browser" and SM launches when I click on
any 'internet shortcut'.   But all the internet shortcuts
sport the IE logo!

Internet shortcuts do not have a "change icon" in their
properties, so how do I get the icon back?
close SM, open IE and click on Tools, Internet Options, Programs tab, and down at the bottom, make IE the default. OK your way out. Then open SM, it will ask if you want to make it the default. Say yes. Close SM and open it once more. Now take a look at the icons. Did it change back?

closed SM, Whent to IE8, clicked 'make ie default' browser.
opened SM, and it the make default is grayed out and says
"sm is already your default browser' - no change to icons
on the  internet-shortcuts.

These seem to be different from other shortcuts.
Hello Peter,

A short history here might help locate the problem since I have the same icon display on my Win XP Pro. My HTML document icons were all the same (SeaMonkey) until I tried the former IE7 Beta release for testing display compatibility. As soon as I installed and opened the IE7 Beta all the HTML type document icons changed to the IE icon.

Performing the steps you described should have corrected the problem, but IE still had icon control. Using Windows Explorer from the root folder (C:\ ), and selecting Folder Options and File Types allowed me to change the icons for all HTML document types (HTM, HTML, SHTML, etc.), but the only icon that really changed in Windows Explorer was the .SHTML file type.

This is not a big problem for me because I compose HTML documents as both HTML and SHTML for web servers and this quirk makes it real easy to sort and identify file types in a Windows Explorer type display.

It seems the problem originated with IE7 and is embedded into the Windows Registry somewhere and that can be hazardous to correct.

folder options was going to be my next advice

Starting at the menu bar on My Computer, I went to [Tools > Folder
Options] and selected the File Types tab.  On the Folder Options window,
I selected the Internet Shortcut entry and then the Advanced button.  On
the Edit File Type window, I selected the Change Button (which was
indeed active).  That allowed me to navigate to the SeaMonkey executable
 (seamonkey.exe), in which the icon is embedded.

I was able to use that method - on one at a time. Thanks.
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