On 03/15/09 13:05, Rick Merrill wrote:
> David E. Ross wrote:
>> On 3/15/2009 10:41 AM, Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>>> Michael Gordon wrote:
>>>> Rick Merrill replied On 3/15/2009 8:55 AM
>>>>> Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>>>>>> Rick Merrill wrote:
>>>>>>> Well, maybe not stolen but IE8 has forced its logo
>>>>>>> on all the URL links in my computer.  Now SM 1.14 is
>>>>>>> the "default browser" and SM launches when I click on
>>>>>>> any 'internet shortcut'.   But all the internet shortcuts
>>>>>>> sport the IE logo!
>>>>>>> Internet shortcuts do not have a "change icon" in their
>>>>>>> properties, so how do I get the icon back?
>>>>>> close SM, open IE and click on Tools, Internet Options, Programs tab, 
>>>>>> and down at the bottom, make IE the default.  OK your way out.  Then 
>>>>>> open SM, it will ask if you want to make it the default.  Say yes.  
>>>>>> Close SM and open it once more.  Now take a look at the icons. Did it 
>>>>>> change back?
>>>>> closed SM, Whent to IE8, clicked 'make ie default' browser.
>>>>> opened SM, and it the make default is grayed out and says
>>>>> "sm is already your default browser' - no change to icons
>>>>> on the  internet-shortcuts.
>>>>> These seem to be different from other shortcuts.
>>>> Hello Peter,
>>>> A short history here might help locate the problem since I have the same 
>>>> icon display on my Win XP Pro.
>>>> My HTML document icons were all the same (SeaMonkey) until I tried the 
>>>> former IE7 Beta release for testing display compatibility.  As soon as I 
>>>> installed and opened the IE7 Beta all the HTML type document icons 
>>>> changed to the IE icon.
>>>> Performing the steps you described should have corrected the problem, 
>>>> but IE still had icon control.
>>>> Using Windows Explorer from the root folder (C:\ ), and selecting Folder 
>>>> Options and File Types allowed me to change the icons for all HTML 
>>>> document types (HTM, HTML, SHTML, etc.), but the only icon that really 
>>>> changed in Windows Explorer was the .SHTML file type.
>>>> This is not a big problem for me because I compose HTML documents as 
>>>> both HTML and SHTML for web servers and this quirk makes it real easy to 
>>>> sort and identify file types in a Windows Explorer type display.
>>>> It seems the problem originated with IE7 and is embedded into the 
>>>> Windows Registry somewhere and that can be hazardous to correct.
>>>> Michael
>>> folder options was going to be my next advice
>> Starting at the menu bar on My Computer, I went to [Tools > Folder
>> Options] and selected the File Types tab.  On the Folder Options window,
>> I selected the Internet Shortcut entry and then the Advanced button.  On
>> the Edit File Type window, I selected the Change Button (which was
>> indeed active).  That allowed me to navigate to the SeaMonkey executable
>>  (seamonkey.exe), in which the icon is embedded.
> I was able to use that method - on one at a time. Thanks.

What do you mean "on one at a time"? This applies to all internet
shortcuts on the system.
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