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I've been using Sea Monkey for sending and receiving E-mail for about three years (ever since Netscape 7.2 quit on me) and never had a problem until now. On Thursday, Mar. 5, Sea Monkey quit sending my messages. That day, I received a surprise Error Message, "Enter your password for on". I do not recall ever having done this before and did not know that I had a password. Another Error Message said, "Sending of message failed. The message could not be sent because connecting to SMTP server failed. ..." For a few days, I could still receive E-mail with Sea Monkey but now that has failed and the Error message for that is, "Could not connect to server; the connection was refused."

When the problem first occurred on Thursday, a technician with my Service Provider spent two hours with me on the telephone. He was able to take control of my cursor and tried many things but was unable to fix the problem. Towards the end of that period, after consulting with his superior he informed me that Sympatico did not support Sea Monkey

thats a typical response. They don't give support for any product except Microsoft products. You can use any product you want, but if you have a problem with that product, then you're SOL. You'll have to look elsewhere for help.

Next time, don't take that as a response. Insist on talking to someone who knows who to help.

and after putting me onto Outlook Express, he was happily off the hook. I recall they did the same thing three years ago when I was forced to give up my Netscape and adopt Sea Monkey.

I would like to get Sea Monkey back. I am sending this call for help through Outlook Express but Sea Monkey has three years of history and addresses and I want it back. I will be 85 on March 19 and although I have been using a computer for 20 years I am no geek. I am more of a chauffeur than I am a mechanic.
Thank you.
Laurie Erwin,

as for your problem: click on Edit, Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings, then on the bottom left, click on SMTP (Outgoing Server) button, then click on the SMTP server on the right, and click Edit. Make sure that use Password is unchecked. If its already checked, then try checking it, and fill out your user name.

Did this work?

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