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I have a large mail map of 3.9GB whereof the Inbox is 2.3GB, located on
a FAT32 file system.

The problem is that the index file no longer does update automatic.
Trying to view new incoming messages, shows the text content of some
legacy old messages.

Selecting Inbox > Properties > Rebuild index does fix the index problem
temporary, until new messages are received.

Suggestions how to fix this index problem?


as has been mentioned, the inbox is too big, so you have to make them smaller.

First, locate where this mail account is. Click on Edit, Mail & Newsgroups Account Settings, select the account, and under Server Settings, on the bottom right, you will see something called Local Directory. This is the location of that mail account. Take note of it. Now, close SM.

Now, use your file manager, and locate the inbox for that account. Copy that file somewhere safe, and delete the inbox.msf file.

Now, open the inbox file in any text based editor. If you notice, you will see at the beginning of every new message, it will begin with From, a dash, the day of the week, Month, numbered date, time, and year. You should see something like this:

From - Sat Mar 14 21:23:30 2009

What you want to do is copy everything between that and the next one. You might want to copy a whole bunch, as your inbox contains a ton of messages. Now, paste that into a blank page on your texted based editor. Save the file to inbox-1 with no extension, and save it as a text formating file, and save it to the same location as the current inbox. Now, repeat the process until your all done. You should have several inbox-* files.

Once that is done, delete the main inbox. Reopen SM, and everything should be working again. You will get a new inbox, and several inbox-*. Click on each one and rebuild the index files. Is it working now?

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