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So I did, installed Tunderbird/Lightning, deleted *.msf from my Mail box
and rebuild the summary/index file. And guess what happened; the same
error still occured. Incoming new mail content displayed blanc before
manual rebuilding the index file.

te...@linux-gu9l:/windows/F/usr/terje/Mail> du -sm .
3932    .
te...@linux-gu9l:/windows/F/usr/terje/Mail> du -sm Inbox Sent
2198    Inbox
1509    Sent

If Thunderbird really has a 4GB Inbox limit, this looks to be a bug?


I did not follow this thread closely but, FWIW, although always I keep my Inbox empty - which makes using new mails easier, but this is just me - I did occasionally found the content of some emails to be blank. After first thinking it was the sender's mistake, I found that moving those "blanks" to a different folder of my IN mail structure sometimes solved the problem, or that shutting down SM and opening them in TB did the trick.

I have no explanation for this, it seems to happen, very seldom, randomly. My opinion is, it has nothing to do with the size of the Inbox (although I strongly agree with what others said about keeping it of a reasonable size, if only to minimize risks) or of the email, but with the way the email is displayed. There are probably multiple possible causes to this and I am there clearly out of my depth.

John Doue
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