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I've found that my SM mailer will not accept anything over 10M (See
Subject). However, I've recently gotten 18M wmv files from others. I
guess it's all about one's ISP?
Yeah I don't think there's any practical SM limit, it's up to your and
the recipients ISP and any in between systems. However with files that
large you should learn how to break them up into pieces. There's
standard machinery and standards for doing that. You:
encode the pieces  --  UUencode or Yenc
break the file into pieces -- about 1-2MB each
calculate and prepare additiona error correcting pieces
Send the pieces as a series of separate messages.

The recipient:
- collects the pieces.
- If needed uses the error correcting pieces to correct
the main segments.
- decode segments
- rebuilds the original file

yes this ist an ISP limit. Nevertheless, keep in mind that FTP was
invented for large file-transfers, not email.
People should stop mailing big files but rather upload them somewhere
and email a link to the destination.

Are there ftp sites one can upload to? How does one go about
sending a file to an FTP site?

If you are at some university or middle-sized/big company: usually yes, they have an FTP-server to exchange big amounts of data. You can upload files even without an ftp-client with Seamonkey, just login to the site via ftp://usern...@host.com and type in your password when requested. Then select "File" from the menubar, there is an entry for uploading a file. I can't rstart the browser right now to switch to English and in SM2.0alpha the upload itsself doesn't work there but I tested it already in SM1.1.x and it works fine. I made a short screen-recording, it might help anyway: http://vimeo.com/3793353

If there's no FTP server available / for private use the transfer over http via filehoster is easier than setting up an ftp server I guess ;-)
here's a list: http://www.filehoster.info/filehoster.php

Seamonkey itsself works fine with pretty large attachments, though sending many big mails without deleting them and compressing the folers afterwards blows up the size of the container files, which can cause trouble too when it comes to gigabytes...

Good luck!
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