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Are there ftp sites one can upload to? How does one go about sending a file to an FTP site?

Here's just one of many:

This is an "upload file(s)" website ... nothing to do with ftp.

In fact, i don't understand what an ftp site is. In my opinion we have web sites and ftp servers.

Ray_Net, what "ftp" means is File Transfer Protocol, i.e. a set of rules which allow for transferring of files from one place to another.

If I had a big file that I wanted you to have a look at, I could attach it to an email addressed to you, but, as has been pointed out, some ISP's limit the size of an email plus attachment (mine does)!! The alternative way of transferring the file would be for me to upload (using ftp) the file to somewhere and then send you an email which contained the location of where I had uploaded the file. You, then, could use your favourite ftp agent to download the file from where I stored it.

So an "upload file(s)" website has everything to do with ftp.


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