>>HeavyDuty wrote:
>>>Are there ftp sites one can upload to? How does one go about sending a
>>>file to an FTP site?
>Lemuel Johnson wrote:
>>Here's just one of many:
Ray_Net wrote:
>This is an "upload file(s)" website ... nothing to do with ftp.
The 2 concepts are NOT mutually exclusive.

>In fact, i don't understand what an ftp site is.
>In my opinion we have web sites and ftp servers.
You have accounted for 2 of over 65,000 ports available
and 2 of the dozens of Internet protocols available.

FTP is one of many protocols
that are part of a layer of the Internet

One obvious property of a particular protocol
is which of your computer's 65,536 ports is used.

The easiest comparison is to the HTTP protocol:

Because FTP assumes you aren't going to use the file *immediately*,
FTP's overhead is extremely low.
FTP clients are also very slim (compared to e.g. a Web browser).
You can even do FTP from the command line.
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