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>> Date: Wed, 25 Mar 2009 00:16:05 -0400
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>> Subject: Re: Just curious about error 4.1.2
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>> HeavyDuty wrote:
>> > Moz Champion (Dan) wrote:
>> >> HeavyDuty wrote:
>> >>> SM 1.1.15, WinXP Pro SP3
>> >>>
>> >>> Just curious,
>> >>> I was sending a simple very small text e-mail. After a minute of 
>> >>> "sending" but no completion, I got an error message that said the 
>> >>> smtp server replied "error 4.1.2," and recipient "domain not 
> found."
>> >>> Since I was replying to a known sender, I neither mistyped nor 
> missent.
>> >>> I called my ISP to find out what error 4.1.2 was. The support guy 
> It is a sendmail error (from the SMTP process on the ISP server,
> watches port 24, 953, and one other - if configured for it.)  Means
> "domain not found" and is a "permanent error".
> The delay you mentioned was caused by sendmail trying to resolve
> whatever domain you were sending to.  The length of the delay was
> caused by whatever sendmail is using to resolve domains.

... and the sendmail in this case is the service provided by the ISP.
So go back to your ISP and show this to the support tech. However,
I would guess that the problem will be temporary (yes, even though
the error says it's permanent - that just means it will be a problem
until they correct it).
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