SM 1.1.15, WinXP Pro SP3

Just curious,
I was sending a simple very small text e-mail. After a minute of "sending" but no completion, I got an error message that said the smtp server replied "error 4.1.2," and recipient "domain not found." Since I was replying to a known sender, I neither mistyped nor missent. I called my ISP to find out what error 4.1.2 was. The support guy said he had no idea and besides it was an error code generated by my e-mail client, not the isp. So, did seamonkey generate this error code or did it get it from my isp and patch it into the error window?

After closing the error window, I just hit send again in the compose window and, after some hesitation, it went through.

I am still wanting know what error code 4.1.2 is all about. I /think/ it comes from an internet code protocol standard, but I could not find it. Thanks.
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