On 03/24/09 18:48, Moz Champion (Dan) wrote:
> HeavyDuty wrote:
>> SM 1.1.15, WinXP Pro SP3
>> Just curious,
>> I was sending a simple very small text e-mail. After a minute of 
>> "sending" but no completion, I got an error message that said the smtp 
>> server replied "error 4.1.2," and recipient "domain not found."
>> Since I was replying to a known sender, I neither mistyped nor missent.
>> I called my ISP to find out what error 4.1.2 was. The support guy said 
>> he had no idea and besides it was an error code generated by my e-mail 
>> client, not the isp.
>> So, did seamonkey generate this error code or did it get it from my isp 
>> and patch it into the error window?
>> After closing the error window, I just hit send again in the compose 
>> window and, after some hesitation, it went through.
>> I am still wanting know what error code 4.1.2 is all about. I /think/ it 
>> comes from an internet code protocol standard, but I could not find it. 
>> Thanks.
> Hmmm, the entries I find for error 4.1.2 are linux or gcc (compiler) 
> related. You sure about that number?

How about: <http://www.freesoft.org/CIE/RFC/821/15.htm>
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