David E. Ross wrote:
On 3/26/2009 3:30 PM, Marisa Ciceran wrote:
I have just installed SeaMonkey 1.1.15 and the first thing I noticed is that my "search" button no longer works.

Any clues?

My bottom works just fine.  However, I don't use a search button.

If you want to see and use your search button, do the following:

1.  On the SeaMonkey menu bar, select [Edit > Preferences].

2.  Under Category on the Preferences window, select Navigator without
selecting any sub-selection.

3.  In the lower-left corner of the Navigator pane, if there is no
checkmark in the Search checkbox under Navigation Toolbar, click the
checkbox to put a check in it.

4.  Under Category on the Preferences window, select [Navigator >
Internet Search].

5.  On the Internet Search pane, set your desired values.

6.  Select the OK button.

Hi David,

I have had all of these settings that you just described, and I confirmed them. My selection for the default "search" is Google. The "search" button (next to the command line) worked fine until I upgraded to Version 1.1.15 earlier today. It remains animated but no longer activates the Google Search page.

Do you have any clues from this?


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