Marisa Ciceran wrote:
Martin Feitag wrote:
Marisa Ciceran schrieb:
I've corrected the subject line which was misleading. My
apologies to everyone whom I have confused by it.


Marisa Ciceran wrote:
David E. Ross wrote:
On 3/26/2009 3:30 PM, Marisa Ciceran wrote:
I have just installed SeaMonkey 1.1.15 and the first thing I noticed
is that my "search" button no longer works.

Any clues?
My bottom works just fine.  However, I don't use a search button.

If you want to see and use your search button, do the following:

1.  On the SeaMonkey menu bar, select [Edit>  Preferences].

2.  Under Category on the Preferences window, select Navigator without
selecting any sub-selection.

3.  In the lower-left corner of the Navigator pane, if there is no
checkmark in the Search checkbox under Navigation Toolbar, click the
checkbox to put a check in it.

4.  Under Category on the Preferences window, select [Navigator>
Internet Search].

5.  On the Internet Search pane, set your desired values.

6.  Select the OK button.

Hi David,

I have had all of these settings that you just described, and I
confirmed them. My selection for the default "search" is Google. The
"search" button (next to the command line) worked fine until I upgraded
to Version 1.1.15 earlier today. It remains animated but no longer
activates the Google Search page.

Do you have any clues from this?



Have you tried with a new/fresh profil yet? (Profile Manager can be found in the startmenu and in Seamonkey itself in the "Tools" menu.


Thanks for this suggestion. I did a short while ago, then migrated some of the config files to the new profile - address book and bookmarks. The Internet search button works in this new profile, but I have lost my password manager and the junk mails do not automatically transfer to the designated junk folder and do not move there even when I try to do the transfer manually!

Also, in Profile Manager I cannot delete a Netscape profile that is listed as an option but was deleted years ago...

I will have another look at all this after a night's rest. Meanwhile, if you can make any further suggestions on the new problems, I would be appreciative.


I am happy to say that I have just found a very helpful page on SeaMonkey Help at which helped me restore the Password Manager (by replacing the new one with the one from the corrupted profile and the prefs.js change for it), but I am going to sleep on the other issues I mentioned 1) files marked as Junk that won't budge, and 2) "phantom" profile that won't convert or delete.

Thanks again,

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