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To enable Comments-Arrows etc ,to be Applied to an image.See Screen shots Site. jim

Hi Jim,

In Windows, you know that pressing PrtScn captures the entire display window, and Shift-PrtScn captures the "active window" only. Then you open the graphics program of choice. Depending on the graphices software, you can press Ctrl-V to paste the capture into a window (using Windows Paint in this example).

From there you can click on the "Text" button and add text to the image. Change the color of the text prior to typing by clicking on the desired color in the color palette at the bottom of the screen.

Then click on the "Line" button to draw a line. Paint doesn't have arrows at the end of a line option, but many programs do.

Then you can use the "Select" to crop the image down if you want by selecting the area, pressing Ctrl-C to copy, press Ctrl-N for a new window, then press Ctrl-V to paste the cropped image. Save the file as a jpg, gif, or png, NOT bmp or tiff (unless you want a very large file size).

Terry R.
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