Terry R. schrieb:

In Windows, you know that pressing PrtScn captures the entire display
window, and Shift-PrtScn captures the "active window" only.  Then you
open the graphics program of choice.  Depending on the graphices
software, you can press Ctrl-V to paste the capture into a window (using
Windows Paint in this example).

I don't know if this changed in Vista/7 but from Win95 over Win98, Win2k and XP it has been Alt+PrintSreen here.

Then click on the "Line" button to draw a line.  Paint doesn't have
arrows at the end of a line option, but many programs do.

IrfanView for example offers lines to have arrows :-)

Then you can use the "Select" to crop the image down if you want by
selecting the area, pressing Ctrl-C to copy, press Ctrl-N for a new
window, then press Ctrl-V to paste the cropped image.

Again, IrfanView is handy here: Ctrl+Y crops in one step.

Thanks for that guide/explanation anyway, keep it in a safe place to be prepared in the future to save time when someone asks ;-)

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