On or about 3/30/2009 4:22 AM, Martin Feitag typed the following:
> Terry R. schrieb:
>> Well, you pipe in sooner next time with your perfect explanation of a
>> program that isn't included with Windows.
>> And if you already know how to do it, why are you reading this at all?
>> Terry R.
> Sry, was not meant as an offense.
> I was just refering to keep it at a safe place for the future (as I'm a
> lazy guy not willing to type much ;-) )
> I also did not want to say your guide has no "right to exist" I just
> wanted to add how it can be even easier/more comfortable IF he had
> IrfanView or sth similar.
> My thank you was real :-)
> Martin

And, as with SeaMonkey, Irfanview is FREE!


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