The date and time was Monday, March 30, 2009 3:36:19 PM, and on a whim, Bill Spikowski pounded out on the keyboard:

My "Inbox.msf" file is about 3KB but my "Inbox" file is over 1 GB.
I keep NO messages in the inbox; whatever comes in gets filtered to other 

What's in the 1GB file?
I have a similar situation with the "Drafts" file -- over 1 GB, but there's 
nothing in it....

Hi Bill,

Right click on the folder and select, "Compact". When message come in and are removed, unless you configure an auto-compact, the old messages still remain in the folder. They're just "marked" as deleted until you compact.

I prefer doing it manually rather than having the program do it.

Terry R.
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