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The date and time was Monday, March 30, 2009 3:36:19 PM, and on a whim, Bill Spikowski pounded out on the keyboard:

My "Inbox.msf" file is about 3KB but my "Inbox" file is over 1 GB.
I keep NO messages in the inbox; whatever comes in gets filtered to other folders.

What's in the 1GB file?
I have a similar situation with the "Drafts" file -- over 1 GB, but there's nothing in it....

Hi Bill,

Right click on the folder and select, "Compact". When message come in and are removed, unless you configure an auto-compact, the old messages still remain in the folder. They're just "marked" as deleted until you compact.

I prefer doing it manually rather than having the program do it.

Me too.

Don't forget to mention that "cleaning" a 1GB will take a "certain" time

Actually a likely long UNCERTAIN amount of time. Depends on just how many deleted emails are in it and the speed of your computer and disk drive.

Give it a few minutes. Or more.


All this is correct. But the fastest way to correct this situation, once you have ascertained no emails remain in that Inbox file, is to delete it, *after* closing SM. It will be recreated next time you launch SM. This applies to drafts to.

Of course, do not do that on folders you have created. They would not get recreated!

John Doue
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