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Cedar wrote:
Something is marking some of my e-mails with [spam], is this new version of sm doing this? or would it more likely be avg antivirus or something?
If this is something like [***SPAM*** Score/Req: 03.8/3.0], this is probably the antispam filter of your ISP or email provider. This feature (I call this a nuisance actually, but it can be use to filter incoming emails) can sometimes be turn off on the ISP/email provider site.

A "nuisance" ?? If you were one of my mail customers you would be singing a different tune. We flag over 8,000 spam messages daily, most of which are rejected by our blacklists (the customer never sees these).


You misunderstood me, meaning I was not clear enough. Of course, spam filters are more than useful, they are a necessity (I am a spamcop user, I should know!).

What is a nuisance IMHO are ISP filters that let mail go through but add the spam score in the objet line. Unless this is user configurable.

Those scores should be transparent at the end user level.

Spamassassin is user-configurable, the default threshold is "5". Any message 5 or higher gets flagged. You, the user, can increase/decrease the default.

The issue raised by the OP was why should "SPAM" be inserted in the object of an email.

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