Leonidas Jones wrote:
Daniel wrote:
Cedar wrote:
Daniel wrote:
Cedar wrote:
Something is marking some of my e-mails with [spam], is this new
version of sm doing this? or would it more likely be avg antivirus
or something?

Cedar, when you say "Something is marking some of my e-mails with
[spam]", what do you mean??

The others have told you that your ISP may be marking your mail with
SpamAssassin and such, but are you meaning that when you look at an
email, you get a line in the display saying something like "SeaMonkey
thinks this is a Spam message"? (or is that "Scam" or "Junk"?).

If it's "Junk", you can train SM so that it recognises Junk and
automatically removes the message to your Junk file, or deletes it.

If it says "Scam", I don't know that you can train SM to do anything,
except to let you know which messages it thinks are sus...


Wow! Thanks for all the responses, guys! Daniel: What I mean is pretty
much exactly what I stated earlier, the subject lines are being
altered with this exact term [SPAM] inserted at the beginning of each
of the ones it thinks are spam. I think I might have it figured out
now, as I found a place in avg to configure choices that sound exactly
like this...so, hopefully, that does the trick!

Here's hoping!!


Yes indeed, and please let us know the result!


Yep! Looks like that was it, sorry for bugging you guys on this one needlessly (....but my hair was gettin' thinner by the minute...don't even know why that spam thing bugs me so much!) Anyway, I've received a few e-mails that were previously marked with this spam marking, that today do not have spam added in to the subject line. So...thanks anyway, guys.
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