On 04/02/2009 06:27 PM, Roy Smith wrote:
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> Rob Steinmetz wrote:
>> OK there is some kind of issue with AVG email scanner. If I disable the
>> email scanner it works. Odd I have similar configurations on other
>> computes that work just fine.
>> Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>>> George Carden wrote:
>>>> Shut down Seamonkey.  Then, try deleting the .msf file for the Inbox
>>>> you're talking about in your Profiles mail folder.  Then re-start
>>>> Seamonkey.  See if that works.
> Well then turn off email scanning, it really a redundant feature and is
> not necessary.  You don't get a virus just by uploading or downloading a
> file, it's when you try to open it or run it is when you get infected.
> The resident virus protection is all you really need as it will detect
> the virus when you open or run the file, and then prevent it from
> infecting your machine.  That is if your virus definitions are up to date.
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So you might want to revise your statement...

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