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What is the current procedure for embedding a server-source sound file in SM mail - to play on opening of the message.
first, make sure you're composing in html format, then from the composer window, click on Insert, then HTML, and put in the following
 script into the box that pops up:

<iframe marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" src="http://melaman2.com/cartoons/singles/mp3/p-potamus.mp3"; type="audio/x-mpeg" frameborder="0" height="16" width="144"></iframe>

change the .mp3 line to whatever you want. Click the insert button, and you're done.

Thanks gents.  The above embeds, but does not autostart.

sorry to say, but it does autostart. It depends on what you use. I use QT and that starts automatically. What do you use?

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