/Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo/ said:
> hb wrote:
>> /Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo/ said:
>>> hb wrote:
>>>> What is the current procedure for embedding a server-source sound 
>>>> file in SM mail - to play on opening of the message.
>>> first, make sure you're composing in html format, then from the 
>>> composer window, click on Insert, then HTML, and put in the following
>>>  script into the box that pops up:
>>> <iframe marginheight="0" marginwidth="0" 
>>> src="http://melaman2.com/cartoons/singles/mp3/p-potamus.mp3"; 
>>> type="audio/x-mpeg" frameborder="0" height="16" width="144"></iframe>
>>> change the .mp3 line to whatever you want.  Click the insert button, 
>>> and you're done.
>> Thanks gents.  The above embeds, but does not autostart.
> sorry to say, but it does autostart.  It depends on 
> what you use. I use QT and that starts automatically. 
> What do you use?

For my test file it was QT, and I found that a "play now" toggle wasn't set.
Auto-executes now.  Whether REMOTE CONTENT is blocked can also be an issue.

Thanks Peter.
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