On or about 4/6/2009 1:40 AM, Stanimir Stamenkov typed the following:
> Sun, 05 Apr 2009 06:06:43 -0400, /BeeNeR/:
>> I used to be able to move my cursor and right click on a newsgroup
>> then select 'mark news group read", left click and message count would
>> disappear.
>> With 1.1.16 the same process moves my selection back to the news group
>> that was selected and still highlighted before I moved the cursor to
>> the newsgroup I wanted to mark read.
>> In other words I could previously mark a newsgroup 'read' without
>> having to 'open' the newsgroup with a 'left click'.
> I could reproduce your problem by not opening the group I would like to
> mark as read, at all.  If I just open the group then open another one, I
> can mark the former as read using a right-click.  Can you confirm this
> was not a case with previous SeaMonkey versions?  Could it be a
> temporary index file problem?

No, i can't confirm that it did/didn't work in previous versions.
I just noticed it since I added mozilla.test to my Mozilla News groups.
Normally I wouldn't open mozilla.test unless I had posted there so to
keep things to a minimum when opening Mozilla News I just placed the
cursor on mozilla.test, right clicked, selected mark newsgroup read, and
the cursor jumps back to the previously selected newsgroup without
marking mozilla.test read.

Since it does highlight the selected group I thought it should work.

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