On 04/06/2009 03:42 AM, BeeNeR wrote:
> On or about 4/6/2009 1:40 AM, Stanimir Stamenkov typed the following:
>> Sun, 05 Apr 2009 06:06:43 -0400, /BeeNeR/:
>>> I used to be able to move my cursor and right click on a newsgroup
>>> then select 'mark news group read", left click and message count would
>>> disappear.
>>> With 1.1.16 the same process moves my selection back to the news group
>>> that was selected and still highlighted before I moved the cursor to
>>> the newsgroup I wanted to mark read.
>>> In other words I could previously mark a newsgroup 'read' without
>>> having to 'open' the newsgroup with a 'left click'.
>> I could reproduce your problem by not opening the group I would like to
>> mark as read, at all.  If I just open the group then open another one, I
>> can mark the former as read using a right-click.  Can you confirm this
>> was not a case with previous SeaMonkey versions?  Could it be a
>> temporary index file problem?
> No, i can't confirm that it did/didn't work in previous versions.
> I just noticed it since I added mozilla.test to my Mozilla News groups.
> Normally I wouldn't open mozilla.test unless I had posted there so to
> keep things to a minimum when opening Mozilla News I just placed the
> cursor on mozilla.test, right clicked, selected mark newsgroup read, and
> the cursor jumps back to the previously selected newsgroup without
> marking mozilla.test read.
> Since it does highlight the selected group I thought it should work.
> Ed

Oddly enough, I see this behaviour in SM 2.0b1pre but did not on 1.1.16.
I'll need to to compare the two a little closer to see if I can figure
out why I get it on one, but not on the other. In the interim, you might
want to search bugzilla to see if you can spot an already existing bug.

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