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Martin Feitag wrote:
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Leonidas Jones wrote:
chicagofan wrote:
For some reason I cannot install their media player to view Fox TV
What do I need to do? The message given is "install script"cannot
be found.

Thanks for any advice...

Could you post a link?


I was trying to view the latest "House" episode, and got the install
their player message. After doing that, the install script message

This just seems to be flash (can only check with "Tribute to Kutner"
as I am outside the US). So have you got flash installed and
activated? (or do they use a diferent player or the full episodes?)
Kutner is what I wanted to see. I do have Flash installed, and they don't
identify their player that I can see.

The Message suggests that the install script is not compatible with
your browser. That often happens with plugins made for the newer
plugin-system which firefox already has and SM2.0 will have. I bet
that with Seamonkey2.0alpha it would work. If you want to test, give
it a try http://www.seamonkey-project.org/releases/2.0a3 (it won't
touch your SM1.1.x when installed seperately)


I think I will try the 2.0 release, and see if that works, because
I've had
trouble with other sites that were less important.

Thanks, Martin... hope you're right it won't affect 1.1.14. :)
P.S. - I've changed my mind since reading the instructions. I didn't see
how to install separately, and I've forgotten. :)

I'm wondering if a Firefox fake method would work?

Try a UA spoof to Firefox and see if it works. From here it brings up the installer. I installed it in SM 2.0a3 and its seems to be working fine.

I take that back. It did install, and the test video played, but any effort to actually watch a show fails. The install took in Firefox and Safari though.


Thanks, Lee.  I'll try the UA spoof, if I find myself using that site more
 often.  I tried IE after posting and it allowed me to see the Kutner video
I was trying to see.  Although, I still hate IE.  ;)

Maybe when 2.0 is finalized my video problems will go away.  :)

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