On or about 4/7/2009 12:08 PM, chicagofan typed the following:
> Leonidas Jones wrote:
>> chicagofan wrote:
>>> For some reason I cannot install their media player to view Fox TV
>>> shows.
>>> What do I need to do? The message given is "install script"cannot be
>>> found.
>>> Thanks for any advice...
>>> bj
>> Could you post a link?
>> Lee
> http://www.fox.com/house/
> I was trying to view the latest "House" episode, and got the install
> their player
> message.  After doing that, the install script message appears.
> Thanks...
> bj

Are you using any ad blockers or re-routing them through your host file?
A lot of sites are now refusing to show videos if there's any type of ad
blocker running, including rerouting them via the host file.

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