Rich Gray wrote:
Martin Feitag wrote:

Just install it to another folder, SM2 will import the profile from your SM1.1.x profile and place the new profile somewhere else automtically :-)

Be careful if you have pop3 e-mail configured.  You will wind up with two
different programs pulling down mail.  So if you want to run both, while
keeping SM1 as your primary, you should consider:

- don't import if you just want to test the Fox site

That's the situation now...

- prior to importing, set the SM1 mail account(s) to leave mail
   on the server for a few days so both can read mail without
   "stealing" from each other.
- do the import with your network disabled, then promptly go into
   the SM2 mail accounts and disable them or set them to leave mail
   on the server before allowing network access.

I don't believe IMAP has this problem if you simply leave all
your mail on the server.

Thanks to you both!  I'll save this for the next time I'm frustrated,
and decide to get it over with, and download SM2.  Appreciate it!
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