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chicagofan wrote:
For some reason I cannot install their media player to view Fox TV shows. What do I need to do? The message given is "install script"cannot be found.

Thanks for any advice...

Could you post a link?


I was trying to view the latest "House" episode, and got the install their player
message.  After doing that, the install script message appears.


It looks like it uses Flash Player.  I can watch the vids.
I have Flash 10,0,12,36 installed and SeaMonkey/1.1.8 and it works ok.
I did have problems with older Flash players and SM but this one seems to work well.

I'm using Flash 10.0 r22 now, and thought I updated it just recently.

SM 1.1.15 here with Flash 10.0 r22 and the video plays just fine.

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