Rex's Mom wrote:
>Well, nothing I have tried has sorted out my video issue.
If *I* was the one having the problem,
things *I* would have considered are:
1) Continue posting to the thread that described the problem.
2) Linked to the thread with the original problem.
3) Described the original problem again in the new thread,
and finally,
4) Note what among those suggestions you actually tried.

For those in the dark:  (Thanks, Google Groups.)*-*-link-or-*+zzz+*-*-*-fine-in-Firefox*-*-not-necessary

>In looking thru the newsgroup
>I found an earlier mention, tried that one and still no joy.
Again, linking to the referenced item
and/or describing what you actually tried would be nice.

>So, now am thinking I should try a re-install of the software.
Have you twiddled with the User Agent String?
What does that look like now?

Again, if the problem isn't with EVERY site,
the problem is likely at THAT end
and **you** will STILL have to figure out
what those idiot webmasters have done wrong
and compensate for their ignorance/arrogance.
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