Leonidas Jones wrote:
Rex's Mom wrote:
Well, nothing I have tried has sorted out my video issue. In looking
thru the newsgroup I found an earlier mention, tried that one and still
no joy.

So, now am thinking I should try a re-install of the software. Have
never done this directly only indirectly via an upgrade.

What are the steps?


Hi, long time no "see"!

Since you have posted a new thread, I've lost track of your initial problem.

Are you talking about reinstalling SeaMonkey, or some misbehaving video software?

Right back at you re: long time no see. Was contemplating reinstalling SM since I was having a video software issue.

The original thread (posted in this ng) was 'v1.1.16 and playing videos'. I think I probably shot myself in the foot bec. was doing a disc cleanup and deleted Macromedia Flash since I seemed to also have Adobe Flash Player Plug-in and installed 1.16 and now can't remember what else I was getting up to! Oh yes, installed the newest version of prefbar.

First noticed the problem trying to play a You-tube video shortly after installing n.16 (figured since I had been d/l, but was still stuck at n.12 or 13, it was time).

Any thoughts, suggestions much appreciated.

Hope you've been well. My ng participation has fallen off considerably particularly since the AT&T internals went away.


Rex's Mom

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