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Well, nothing I have tried has sorted out my video issue. In looking
thru the newsgroup I found an earlier mention, tried that one and
still no joy.

So, now am thinking I should try a re-install of the software. Have
never done this directly only indirectly via an upgrade.

What are the steps?


don't. When you did as I suggested, you did so with SM closed? Right!?

If so, then try a test profile and see if the problem continues in that.

Oops, just saw this one. Yes, I followed your suggestions. Then saw
something about making sure the Quicklaunch is closed. Forgive the basic
question, but is ql the stuff to the left of the taskbar and is it
sufficient to drag it off there or does the start menu need to be changed?

Anywho, tried dragging it off and also tried it using my pre-existing
test profile which was created using ONLY the SM defaults settings, i.e.
no tinkering (I think!)

Just curious, why do you advise against a re-install?

If Quick Launch is enabled, you will see a SeaMonkey icon in the systray, at the right of the task bar, near the clock. To check, click Edit>>Preferences>>Advanced. There is a check box for Quick Launch, make sure it is unchecked.

thanks for clarifying that...I always unclick Quick Launch when installing software...unless there is no choice like anti-virus!

It has nothing to do with the Windows Quick Launch Toolbar, which just places launch icons for favorite applications at the left of the Task Bar.

Aha..recalling when IE installed itself there and I promptly removed it.

Reinstalling SeaMonkey, while it can't hurt anything, rarely accomplishes anything either. Problems of this nature are almost always profile related, which are not touched by a reinstall. You might try creating yet another new profile, and testing in it. Funny things can happen to older test profiles.

That sounds like a good idea (creating yet another profile). I know I have often read about problems typically being profile related, but I hate like heck to have to re-build all the profile tweaking I have done - like subscribing to newsgroups, setting up my email accounts (still have the old at&t ones till I process the old email) etc. etc. ad nauseum.

I do have a backup of the profile (not very new), but...Would it be worth renaming current and re-trying?

On the other hand, reinstalling Flash Player may indeed have a happy result.

I am beginning to believe that Flash Player is the red herring and I inadvertently deleted some other software or file(s) which is gumming up the works.

Anyway - bedtime for me. I'll be back.


as we have said, just create a test profile. Does the problem continue in that profile? Thats all we've asked. Just create a test profile and test.

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