On 5/3/2009 8:16 AM, Joe Farruggio wrote:
> Joe wrote:
>  I am using SeaMonkey ver 1.1.16 and have a pref.js file but i cannot 
> find a user.js file. Can i just modify the pref.js file?

Be careful.

First of all, changes to prefs.js (NOT pref.js) will "stick" only if
SeaMonkey is not running when you make the changes.  Don't just exit
SeaMonkey, but also make sure it's not running in the background (e.g.,
because of QuickStart).  But then this is also true if you change
user.js; the results won't propagate into prefs.js until SeaMonkey is
completely terminated and then restarted.

It's too easy to lose track of what you changed if you work directly in
prefs.js.  Then you will have trouble if it becomes necessary to undo
those changes.

It's also too easy to corrupt prefs.js by entering something incorrectly.

If you can't find user.js, create it as a text file.

David E. Ross

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