John wrote:
The password manager in SeaMonkey doesn't always offer to save a password, depending on the site being visited. I have noticed in particular that it frequently won't save a password for a secure website having an https://... address. And yet this is not always the case. It will save the password for some secure sites. Is there any way to get it to save the passwords for all sites? Thanks!

I have used a Javascript a few times that worked on some occasions at least. If you like to try it, you can get it from my url below.

It's one long line, copy it and paste it as a bookmark item. When you go to a page with a login form where Pw manager won't work on, click on the bookmark.

The Script will remove the "autocomplete=off" from the form. Now type in your password to the form and submit, and you will be offered to remember your login details. At least it worked for me on some forms, but there will be some that not even this work on.

The link to the script:


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