NoOp wrote:
>Perhaps you can find a solution here:

The problem with their Gecko plug-in is known:

The solutions for the OP are:
1a) Reinstall VLC--this time without the plug-in
1b) Right-click on video links
 and download them OUTSIDE the browser window
1c) Double-click **the download** to watch the video.

2) Use another media player with a non-broken Gecko plug-in.

3) Use another browser with non-broken VLC support.

Don't forget to add your vote for directed development efforts:
4) Learn to code and fix the problem yourself
on that Open Source Software project
Note to NoOp:
complete=0     is noise
&btnG=Search     is noise

&hl=en    should restrict returns to English-only pages
--but that works so poorly, you may as well not bother to include it.
should be at least as effective as your bloated URL.

If you are trying to make a point about how non-rare a problem is
you could even do this:
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