On or about 5/17/2009 11:01 AM, Rob Lindauer typed the following:
> Rick wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I had to re install everything incl. SeaMonkey but, I backed up
>> everything before I started.  How do I restore my inbox?
>> thanks,
>> Rick
> Exit from SM before doing any of the following.
> Find the folder in which your current (new, and presumably empty) inbox
> is located, and copy your saved inbox (filename = inbox) to that folder,
> replacing the existing (new, empty) inbox.
> (There's also a file inbox.msf which I understand to be an index file
> for inbox.  Let's let someone more expert than I confirm - but so far as
> I know, you should delete the "inbox.msf" file from your new folder, and
> SM will automatically regenerate it when you open your inbox.)
> The inbox folder location depends on your operating system and choices
> you made when you installed SM.  In my case, it's in "Local Folders"
> under "Mail" under my "xxxxxxxx.slt" folder.  If you don't use the
> global inbox, it could be in a folder named for your ISP, again under
> the "Mail" folder.
> Back up anything you're about to delete or overwrite, just in case.
> Regards, Rob L

Or you might want to check out mozbackup at:

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