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I had to re install everything incl. SeaMonkey but, I backed up everything before I started. How do I restore my inbox?


Exit from SM before doing any of the following.

Find the folder in which your current (new, and presumably empty) inbox is located, and copy your saved inbox (filename = inbox) to that folder, replacing the existing (new, empty) inbox.

(There's also a file inbox.msf which I understand to be an index file for inbox. Let's let someone more expert than I confirm - but so far as I know, you should delete the "inbox.msf" file from your new folder, and SM will automatically regenerate it when you open your inbox.)

The inbox folder location depends on your operating system and choices you made when you installed SM. In my case, it's in "Local Folders" under "Mail" under my "xxxxxxxx.slt" folder. If you don't use the global inbox, it could be in a folder named for your ISP, again under the "Mail" folder.

Back up anything you're about to delete or overwrite, just in case.

Regards, Rob L

I have a similiar problem but, I can not find anything called "inbox.*"


John, in my personal opinion, Rob was wrong in his first step:-

"Exit from SM before doing any of the following."

My first step would be "In SeaMonkey, have a look at Edit->Mail&Newsgroup Account Settings, then select your Mail Account then have a look at the Local directory folder at the bottom of window. This will tell you where your profile is on your hard drive."

Step Two Make sure all your Windows folders are un-hidden:-

Then close SeaMonkey, and continue as directed by Rob.


(By the By, John, when checking your message header to see if you were using Windows or not, I noticed your header said you were using Thunderbird, so why are you asking about SeaMonkey in the SeaMonkey group....thinking of making the change, or something?? Does Thunderbird use an "inbox" or does it call the file something else??)

Thunderbird is by backup
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