Frank Booth Snr wrote:
> On 18 May, 00:15, wrote:
>> Frank Booth Snr wrote:
>>> Recently I have found I can no longer use SeaMonkey with Google
>>> Maps. The map won't open up properly, and all links or any mouse
>>> dragging do not work either
>>> I've never had a problem previously, and the page seems to be ok
>>> when used with IE browser. I've fkushed the cache and removed
>>> cookies but to no avail. Any ideas please?
>> It works for me with SeaMonkey 1.1.16 so you might want to update
>> your version.
>> If you ware using dial-up as I am, it takes a LONG time for the maps
>> to load. Until loading is finished, dragging is not possible and the
>> pointer is an arrow not a hand.
> I also use dialup so Iknow ir takes a while. I've tried other maps
> (not Google ones) and it's the same problem. The maps start to load or
> even look fully loaded then the loading stops. I've also noticed that
> with Seamonkey if I try to post on usenet the verification character
> box does not appear either, so cannot post on this browser any longer.
> Something is blocking a few sites, though nearly all sites work  fine.
> I've trawled through Edit/Otrefs but cannot find anything ubusual.

FWIW Google Maps is "broken" in my version of SeaMonkey as well (1.1.9). SM
is still my default browser, but I downloaded Firefox 3.x for applications
that don't don't work in SM, and haven't had a problem. Hopefully SM v.2
will fix things. There definitely is a problem there, IMO.

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