On 5/22/2009 12:57 PM PT, Robert Kaiser typed:

Yes, I have been waiting to drop support for SeaMonkey 1.1.x for a
very long time

Me as well, but reality sucks. This time it looks like Thunderbird plans will delay it further (we need a stable mailnews core to build upon).

I hoped to see SeaMonkey 2.0 released before that
but this will take half a year longer from what I can tell (there is
no real roadmap and I didn't even get an approximate answer when I
nagged KaiRo about this).

The problem is that we don't have a clear roadmap ourselves. I made one up for myself and Council a few months ago, and according to that, we would have released right about now, a few weeks after the then-planned Thunderbird 3 release. I'm not sure what's better - pushing back the plans for a few weeks every month like Thunderbird does or not publishing a plan right away like us. Both end up in being too late, as we can see perfectly in this example.

Stable or not, it [2.0b1] will be much better than SeaMonkey

I actually do agree. We can't officially call something stable that has no stable mailnews core and has some polish still to be done, but I'm pretty sure that 2.0b1 will actually be better than 1.1.16 or 1.1.17 in almost every regard.

Robert Kaiser

How about forking it? Split into two different Adblock Pluses?
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