On May 22, 10:42 pm, Ant <phi...@earthlink.netant> wrote:
> How about forking it? Split into two different Adblock Pluses?

I am not sure I can follow. You mean branching Adblock Plus
development - so that for example Adblock Plus 1.0.3 is released in
parallel with Adblock Plus 1.1? And Adblock Plus 1.0.3 would support
both the new filter syntax and SeaMonkey 1.1? This is theoretically a
possibility, a 1.0.x branch exists already. But I don't have the time
to do it like this, the effort is considerable and there will be too
few people to beta-test this release properly. So if you have
volunteers who would backport the relevant patches to 1.0.x branch -
sure, we can talk about it. If not - sorry.
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