David Wilkinson wrote:
David Wilkinson wrote:
In newsgroups (in threaded view), the icon with green arrow that indicates that there are unread items in a thread is barely distinguishable from the one for threads with no unread items. The problem is that the green arrow is superposed on the icon.

In SM1.x the green arrow is much more visible because it appears below the icon (and is in brighter green also).

Is it just my (old) eyes?

Nobody else bothered by this?

Not particularly.
When a message is unread in a thread, in addition to the green arrow the Subject title is changed to a Bold font, further emphasizing the unread status.

BTW, I use SM 1.1.16, and (assuming that is included in your "SM1.x" category) the green arrow does not appear below the message thread icon. It's superimposed.

Which SM1.x were you referring to?

keith whaley

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