On or about 6/7/2009 5:46 AM, David Wilkinson typed the following:
> David Wilkinson wrote:
>> In newsgroups (in threaded view), the icon with green arrow that
>> indicates that there are unread items in a thread is barely
>> distinguishable from the one for threads with no unread items. The
>> problem is that the green arrow is superposed on the icon.
>> In SM1.x the green arrow is much more visible because it appears below
>> the icon (and is in brighter green also).
>> Is it just my (old) eyes?
> Nobody else bothered by this?

Never even noticed the green arrow before.  Just watched for items that
were blacker than the rest.  Now that I know about the green arrow it
takes me twice as long to determine if the message was viewed or not. (:>)

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