David Wilkinson wrote:
Philip Chee wrote:
Doesn't View->Apply Theme date back to the old Mozilla Suite?

It's now called the "Default Theme" but it with new icons for the
buttons. If you want the classic "Classic" then you'll have to look for
a third party theme that does this retro look.

In SM1.x there is Edit->Preferences->Appearance->Themes. This is no longer there in SM2.

Only if you have the PC version of SM.
In the Mac version, Preferences is under the 'SeaMonkey' menu drop-down.

Or, you can always press Command-comma and the Preferences window shows up...


The SM2 default theme is fine except for the unread post icon. I just do not see the point of having the green arrow so muted that you (or at least I) can hardly see it.

David Wilkinson
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