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I'm new here so I've missed all the other posts on this topic.

If you have a decent news reader (your headers don't show what program you're using, and giganews.com says they don't offer mozilla.support.seamonkey), nothing is lost -- the whole thread is there waiting for you to read. Just show the whole thread. I can't tell you how without knowing what program you're using.

In SeaMonkey (and previously in Mozilla), I normally use the settings
        View | Sort by | Order received, Ascending, Threaded
        View | Messages | All
        View | Threads | Threads with unread
but if I set it to
        View | Threads | All
it shows all messages, even those marked as read. That can be in the thousands, but active threads are at the bottom so they're easy to find.

I did just have a problem: My credit union would not download my banking data for Quicken. For some reason only the download page would not show any options or data, while all the other pages worked fine. I eventually found out that if I disable Adblock Plus for that
page it works fine.

I also had to have Seamonkey opened  as administrator in order for
ABP to install with Vista Home Basis 64 bit OS. And Seamonkey does uninstall things like ABP when I upgrade.

I didn't have any trouble with inforss when I upgraded from Mozilla -- all my settings were preserved. So I don't know what "like ABP" means.

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