stan wrote the following on 06-17-2009 5:18 PM:

I use Fototime/Fotoalbum. Just switched to a new computer (64 bit) and Vista. In the past, when I logged on Fototime or accessed it via Fotoalbum which logged me, Fototime opened in SM browser. Now, it is opening in IE.

I have interacted with Fototime support and not been able to solve the problem. Their support people tell me they are using the following to open the default browser:

ShellExecute(NULL, "open", "";, NULL, NULL,

They also refer me to this document which explains further:

Anyone understand all this well enough to know why it is invoking IE instead of SM? Seems like it might be a Vista or 64 bit problem.


Did you try using SeaMonkey to set itself as your default browser?
Preferences > Browser > Default Browser > click on the button labeled "Set Default Browser".


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